The core values of St. Paul’s Catholic University Chapel define and describe who we are called to be and our considered and uncompromising determination to be faithful to and to pattern ourselves to the model of Christ and his teachings as propagated by the Roman Catholic Church, God’s own vessel of salvation for the world.

During his visit to Kenya the late Pope John Paul II eloquently identified the Church in the following words which aptly describes us as a university chaplaincy and parish:

We are a communion of faith and love, confessing Jesus Christ as the son of God, the Lord of history and the redeemer and saviour of the whole world

We are a community of faith and service, believing in the lordship of Christ as the saviour and redeemer of the world. We are a Eucharistic community dedicated to the transformation of society.

  • Following from this identity, therefore:-
    · We believe and are committed to the centrality of Christ in our lives and worship. Our journey of faith is a journey of conversion to Christ and through him to the Father (Jn11:1-15).
    · We believe in the power of the word of God in scripture. We celebrate the word at mass and we encourage the reading of the
    word of God privately and in our families as a necessary means to the deeper growth in faith. Through the celebration of the word (2Tim 3:16-17; Matt4:4) and the sacraments.
    · We seek to keep close to and benefit from the source of eternal grace, Jesus himself especially through the celebration of the sacraments. A consistent celebration of two ordinances: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. (Acts 2:41; I Corinthians 11:23-26; I
    Corinthians 12:13)
    . We believe in Christian fellowship in the performance of our duties. We encourage membership in the parish dynamic groups, for instance, CWA, YCS, CLC, etc.
    · We welcome all seekers into our community and offer them the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God and of the Church.
    · We believe in the Roman Catholic Church as God’s chosen vehicle for salvation. However, we also believe in God’s magnanimity and openness to others who may not always believe what we believe.
    · We believe in the goodness of the ecumenical movement as an effective way of searching for the Christian unity which Christ prayed for.
    · We believe in interreligious dialogue and the brotherhood of all humanity.
    · While being a member of the body of Christ is central to our identity as Christians, we believe in the sanctity of the individual as known and personally loved by God (John 13:25). We believe in the need for openness if our growth is to be holistic (Prov 14:12).
    · We commit ourselves to bringing up our children, dearly loved by Christ, according to his teachings and the teachings of the church. We commit ourselves to creating new programmes and strengthening existing programmes aimed at growing the faith of our young and ask him to forgive us and reconcile us to himself.
    · We believe in our duty to obey the great commission of Christ to evangelize (Matthew 28:19). Our parish/chaplaincy motto,

“Arise and Evangelize”

testifies to this commitment.

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